In the Year of the Volunteer, we're developing and deploying a 2-year train the trainer program. Volunteer organisations learn about: behavioral change, design thinking & customer journey mapping.

Each track is 4 months and includes design sprints, rapid prototyping. To maximize knowledge retention, we mix our online courses with workshops, challenges and microlearning.


Train 12 teams on behavior psychology and customer journey mapping, within the traditional world of volunteering.

We helped create innovative concepts to recruit volunteers. With coaching on the job those teams build those concepts in real life, using design thinking.

"Because of the hands-on approach we achieved results. This gave us a real boost. Less talking, more action!"


Squlas playful learning games need to be sold
. How to convince and convert new parents? And how to keep current kids engaged so parents will renew the Squla licence?

Training for marketing & UX team in behavioral design psychology.

"Our team was very excited and fully inspired!"

Impact Hub: Workshop, brainstorm & talk: Helping Circulair entrepreneurs "cross the chasm" and reach mainstream markets. Using insights from behavioural psychology and design.

National Sustainability Convention: stimulating positive behavior of the attendees using nudges throughout the convention. Examples: food waste, travel by public transport, gamification cards to entice conversation.

APG wants to change their culture to become more future and planet proof:

  • More purpose driven employees
  • Psychological safety, growth mindset
  • Setting personal goals, feedforward on behavior

Together with our partner Spark for Growth we create and implement a longterm training and consultancy program to make APG ready for the world of tomorrow.

Nudge has a community of 80k people, who all want to contribute to a better world. We collaborate with Nudge and her partners to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Also we train the Nudge personnel to become better behavior change designers and incorporate design thinking into daily work.

TU Delft's digital teams need to be more customer-driven: design our digital services with students, teachers and other target audiences in mind.

Mindpact service: Training for digital team in customer journey mapping & behavioral psychology. Consultancy on user research.


We trained the digital team on influencing behavior, customer journey mapping & design thinking.


Samen Ouder Worden aims to reduce loneliness among the elderly. We helped change the mindset of volunteer organisations to help them create innovative concepts to recruit volunteers. Guide those teams in building those concepts in real life.

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