Workshop: Design with psychological superpowers. Understand how brains & behavior work. Use your powers to create meaningful, simple & fun products.

2 x 3 hour workshop:
Part 1 - Theory
Understand the basics of psychology: how does behavior occur, how does the brain work?
Learn dozens of ways to design fun & frictionless experiences and influence customer behavior. Supported with tons of examples and assignments.
My own framework incorporates the behavioral model of BJ Fogg. Download the cheat sheet for free!

Part 2 - Action!
You will apply the knowledge directly to your own business case (for example: make onboarding easy & fun, increase retention, design new product).
1. Define business goals & problem statement
2. Brainstorm using your new knowledge
3. High-level design of your customer journey

After this workshop, your team will have:
a new perspective and toolkit to use when designing product & experience
• the poster & cheat sheet which will keep the knowledge top-of-mind (click here for a peek)
• tons of actionable ideas & inspiration to make your products irresistible, incredibly easy & way more fun

Who needs this?
Strategists, UX-people, designers, product owners, marketers, researchers, content managers. Anyone involved in the customer side of your product, really.

What kind of business cases?
• Convince potential customers to apply; make onboarding easy.
 Engage existing customers over time, increase lifetime value.
• Design a new product & value proposition from scratch.
Boost conversion, make journeys frictionless & fun.

*€200 per person. If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get 110% of your money back. No joke.

I am persuaded. Teach me!
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You will unlock dozens of mindblowing secrets, let me give you 3 already:

  1. Efteling's Holle Bolle Gijs is a perfect example of behavioral design. Why?
  2. What do Crack dealers, Spotify and those sneaky guys from Ignited Minds have in common? Hint: it's a gift.
  3. How does IKEA use ice cream & hot dogs to make you forget the last horrible hour in their store?

→ Want to know? Click here. You won't believe number 3! 

4,2 out of 5 rating

"Great training! Jeroen was really enthusiastic."

"To the point, lots of examples. Chance to apply it to real situations we face."

"Our team was very excited and fully inspired!"