We help teams innovate faster (with more fun) and create positive impact on planet and business.

We usually work in two phases:

Phase 1 - Training teams to think & work customer driven
In just one day, you will be able to design better and more successful experiences. We focus on a mix of design thinking, behavioral change, positive psychology, customer journeys and lean UX/startup.

After the training, teams walk away with:

  • a different mindset & hands-on knowledge
  • a shared toolkit and vocabulary
  • tons of ideas they can start with the very next day
  • ...and some nice posters to keep the knowledge alive.

Phase 2 - Coaching & consultancy to bring ideas to life
Phase 1 will spark lots of energy. It will also generate solutions for better UX designs, registration flow, campaign, new customer journeys etc. 

We don't want this to go to waste. We help translating ideas into experiments (will it work?) & execution. After all, an idea without action is just a dream. 

In the weeks following phase 1, we will help build prototypes and test ideas. Using a lean startup approach we coach teams on the job, to validate & improve their solutions and implement it in real life. 

If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get 110% of your money back. No joke.

Our consultants/trainers: Jeroen has over 10 years experience applying psychology to improve product design & strategy. Bram is a veteran system thinker & creative strategist.

Our mission is to help purpose-driven teams make their positive impact. Let's get in touch: info@ignitedminds.nl / 0641814509